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Dentures Still an Effective Restoration for Total Tooth Loss

Tooth Loss…After a long struggle with dental disease, you have finally lost the last of your remaining teeth.   Like over a quarter of Americans

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More Than a new Smile – Dental Implants Help Stop Bone Loss as Well

Since their introduction over three decades ago, dental implants have evolved into dentistry’s premier tooth replacement choice. While their primary purpose is to replace missing

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Charlize Theron Back in Action After Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery….When they’re introducing a new movie, actors often take a moment to pay tribute to the people who helped make it happen — like,

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X-Ray Radiation Exposure is Much Less than Daily Environmental Radiation

X-rays are an important diagnostic tool in dentistry because of their ability to penetrate and pass through body tissues. Because they penetrate at different speeds

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3 Things Your Dentist Recommends You do if You Have Shingles

Shingles..It may begin as an itching or burning feeling on your skin, followed by numbness or sensitivity to touch. But then you develop a painful

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4 Reasons Saving Your Child’s Decayed Baby Tooth is a Good Idea

Despite everyone’s best efforts, one of your child’s primary (“baby”) teeth has become decayed to the point it might be lost prematurely. Saving it would

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Jamie Foxx Chipped Tooth – This Time by Accident!

Some people are lucky — they never seem to have a mishap, dental or otherwise. But for the rest of us, accidents just happen sometimes.

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