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Drs. Poore, Robinson & Associates, PA Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to Mooresville Dental Group

“Drs. Poore, Robinson & Associates, PA has unveiled a new name and logo as a part of an extensive rebranding initiative” Mooresville, (NC, USA), April

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Mouth Breathing Can Lead to Serious Oral Problems, Especially for Children

It’s normal for people to breathe through their nose. And for good reason: Nasal breathing filters contaminants, warms and humidifies incoming air, and helps generate

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There’s a Quick Fix For That Irritating Mouth Sore You Keep Biting

There’s a Quick Fix For That Irritating Mouth Sore You Keep Biting…As the old Fifties song goes, “Little things mean a lot.” They can also

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Act Quickly With a Knocked Out Tooth to Ensure Its Long-Term Survival

We Americans love our sports, whether as participants or spectators. But there’s also a downside to contact sports like soccer, football or basketball: a higher

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A Crown Could be the Answer to Preserving Your Damaged Tooth

Preserving Your Damaged Tooth…We’ve been treating one of your decay-prone teeth for some time with one filling after another. Each incident required a little more

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Implants Can Make It Easier to Restore Missing Teeth in Stages

A fair number of people with total tooth loss have arrived at this point after a long history of dental issues. It’s quite likely they’ve

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High Tech Dentistry: How Do We Use a CAT Scan

The CAT scan is a relatively recent technique in dentistry, used to get an image of what’s happening deep within your jaws. You may be

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These Digital Tools Increase the Success Rate of Dental Implants

Nothing beats the form and function of a real tooth—but dental implants come pretty close. That’s why they’re tops among both dentists and patients for

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A Word to Young Adults: Brushing and Flossing are Key to a Healthy Mouth

Brushing and Flossing are Key to a Healthy Mouth..Keeping your teeth and gums healthy doesn’t require an elaborate plan. It’s simple: Besides twice-a-year dental visits,

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Acid Reflux Could Lead to Tooth Damage

Acid Reflux Could Lead to Tooth Damage…Your tooth enamel’s main nemesis is oral acid: normally produced by bacteria, foods or beverages, acid can dissolve enamel’s

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